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The first anniversary of the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics, the first anniversary of the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics, the first anniversary of the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics, the third anniversary of the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the fourth anniversary of the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics. In 2022, the Olympic flame will once again illuminate the sky over Beijing, and Beijing will become the first city in the world to host the Olympic Games and Winter Olympics. The holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is an important opportunity for China's sports, economic and social development and the development of the Olympic movement to create a win-win situation. It will help to improve China's international image and status, and will also help to inspire the national spirit

Hongjie, chairman of sankeshu Coatings Co., Ltd., said that as the exclusive supplier of official coatings for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games, sankeshu's participation in the development of the Winter Olympic market and assistance in the preparation of the Winter Olympic Games is not only an honor for enterprises to serve the overall development of the country, but also a precious opportunity for enterprises to speed up brand building and enhance their competitive advantage

at present, all preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have entered a critical moment of full sprint, full readiness and decisive victory. All competition venues of the Winter Olympic Games have been completed and handed over how to make the structure have better waterproof performance. Other relevant venues and infrastructure are also under orderly transformation and construction. Through high-quality products and services, sankeshu helped the preparation for the Winter Olympics - escorting the easy completion and opening of the Beijing Zhangjiakou special line for the Winter Olympics; Paint the Yanchong expressway service area, a major traffic support project for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games; Provide green products and painting construction guidance for more than 10 Winter Olympics related projects, such as the construction of Olympic Village and ancient poplar stadium group in Zhangjiakou competition area

this is not the first time that sankeshu has added color to China's national engineering projects. Previously, sankeshu has also painted many important engineering projects, such as the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai WorldExpo, the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge subsea tunnel, etc. through a variety of comprehensive finishing solutions, professional, refined, scene oriented and personalized "four modernizations" services, sankeshu has added color to the motherland for many times

this time, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, three trees also launched a series of creative posters and short films with the theme of "China moment, outstanding together", and joined hands with CCTV again to participate in the CCTV Winter Olympic countdown 1 anniversary series programs and other activities

since its establishment in 2002, sankeshu, as one of the top 10 listed coating companies in the world by market value, has always adhered to the concept of green innovation and sustainable development, creating a "six in one" green building material integrated system of coating, thermal insulation, waterproof, flooring, auxiliary materials and construction, and creating a healthy, color, grade Service one is convenient to add corresponding devices to make a better life solution for various material mechanics experiments

the national certified enterprise technology center of sankeshu, with Professor gemari lane, the Nobel Laureate in chemistry, as the chief technical adviser, has the world's leading R & D technology and equipment, developed characteristic health + series products and new low-carbon, energy-saving, safe and environmentally friendly building coatings, and its technical indicators are higher than the national green product standards and European and American environmental protection standards

at present, sankeshu has developed more than 8000 products, and innovated and developed a full line of clean interior wall coatings, "FDA food contact grade" wall coatings, fresh breathing air purification coatings, and 360 antibacterial and antiviral coatings; Formaldehyde free, low thermal conductivity aldehyde free rock wool and other safety and environmental protection insulation materials; "Zero rubber powder" formula, three times the durability of changqingzhu series waterproof coiled materials; High hardness, high abrasion resistance, ultra abrasion resistant polyurethane and other floor coatings; High performance, environment-friendly and clean flavor fresh breathing series auxiliary materials, as well as innovative plate products without aldehyde addition, natural and clean flavor, and aesthetic finish. The whole product system meets the needs of users for one-stop green building materials in the whole house. Through the "innovation + service" two wheel drive, the enterprise has made a healthier home, a more beautiful city and a better life with outstanding Chinese intelligent service users who are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, wires, cables, textiles, fibers, plastics, rubber, ceramics, food, pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum-plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, geotextiles, films, wood, paper, metal materials and manufacturing industries

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