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Sany Heavy energy won the wind power order of 800 million yuan from Huaneng Group

Sany Heavy energy won the wind power order of 800 million yuan from Huaneng Group

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recently, Sany Heavy energy received a good report, and the company won the wind power order of nearly 800 million yuan in four bid sections of China Huaneng Group at one stroke. It is reported that this is the largest single bidding project of Huaneng Group and the largest single order ever obtained by Sany Heavy energy. This large order has injected confidence and vitality into the new development of Sany wind power industry

in September 2014, among all the exhibits, the Reform Commission issued a signal to adjust the price of wind power. The adjustment node is June 30, 2015, and the wind power industry is referred to as "630". In order to catch the last bus and build the wind farm before "630", investors began to plan emergency procurement. China Huaneng Group Company will package the 21 wind farms that have been approved in hand, and issue a unified bidding announcement to the outside world, which will be divided into two batches of centralized bidding

Huaneng Group is the first Chinese power generation enterprise to enter the world's top 500 enterprises. In the field of wind power, Huaneng ranks fourth among the five power generation groups in terms of the scale of construction in progress, the scale of new construction and the approved capacity, and the subsequent installed capacity growth will remain relatively fast

Sany Heavy energy has carried out close cooperation with Huaneng Group since its establishment. Huaneng Group has purchased Sany wind power equipment from three wind farms successively, and basically recognized the quality and service of Sany equipment. In this context, Sany Heavy energy marketing team seized the opportunity and, through unremitting efforts, obtained orders of nearly 800million yuan in four bid sections

this bidding is the most bidding period since the establishment of Sany Heavy energy marketing company, and it is also the most time critical and difficult one. One week before bidding, four staff members from the company's management department and Engineering Department stuck to their posts and got through for three consecutive days. However, from the fourth quarter alone, Xiao Dadan even ate and lived in the office

at the bidding site, the judges asked meticulous questions. The big questions involved product parameters, performance, design concept, service concept, and the small questions included the basis for selecting parts, supplier quality assurance, etc. Sany's marketing personnel answered questions one by one, which not only turned the situation around, but also won high praise from the judges, and finally made Sany stand out from many strong competitors

at the moment when the notification of award was announced, the marketing team was excited and the cost was low. Xiezhixia, general manager of Sany Heavy energy, said that this bidding, whether in advance preparation or bidding process, has greatly honed the spirit and will of the team members, and is full of confidence in accelerating the development of Sany wind power industry in the future

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