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Sany Heavy equipment scientific research project won the first prize of science and technology

Guide: Recently, China Coal Industry Association and China Coal Association officially released the 2009 China Coal Industry Association Science and technology award. Sany Heavy equipment, together with six institutions, including Shanxi Lu'an Wangzhuang Coal Mine, Zhangcun Coal mine and China University of mining and technology, jointly completed the automation and rapid excavation of coal roadway excavation and anchoring

recently, China Coal Industry Association and China Coal Association officially released the "2009 China Coal Industry Association Science and Technology Award for automatically calculating the maximum experimental force value, fracture force value and other experimental data", which was jointly sponsored by Sany Heavy equipment, Shanxi Lu'an Wangzhuang Coal Mine, Zhangcun Coal Mine The project of "research and Practice on Key Technologies of automatic and rapid tunneling of coal roadway excavation and anchoring" jointly completed by 6 institutions including China University of mining and technology won the first prize

the automatic control technology of coal roadway excavation has always been a major topic of research in the world coal industry. In the process of coal mining, the direct cause of low production efficiency is the long time of manual assistance in the roadway. The manual support work after the tunneling of the roadheader roadway is not only labor-intensive, but also has great danger. Reducing the auxiliary time of underground mining and realizing the combined operation of main and auxiliary machines are the key to rapid tunneling

in this context, Sany Heavy equipment began to independently develop the digging and anchoring machine in 2006. In April, 2007, the prototype was offline and the rectification was completed. In July of the same year, the industrial test was carried out in Baodian mine of Shandong Yanmei group. The shift footage was stable at 6 rows, and the monthly footage was more than 500 meters, which completely replaced manual labor. The industrial test was successful and filled the domestic gap. Since the product was put into the market of manager Liyuan, the cumulative sales of the product has exceeded 100million yuan. It has been used in Yankuang, Xinwen, Shandong, Lu'an, Shanxi and other mines with good results, opening up a new way for the informatization construction of coal safety production

a total of 485 projects from coal enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities were declared in this science and technology award selection activity, and a total of 213 award-winning projects were selected. The award-winning projects cover all professional fields of 33 industrial magazines published in the coal industry, reflecting the scientific and technological research level of the coal industry, and are highly innovative

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