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Sany Heavy energy invested in the development and construction of Lianyuan Longshan wind farm

Sany Heavy energy invested in the development and construction of Lianyuan Longshan wind farm

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on September 30, the signing ceremony for the development and construction project of Lianyuan Longshan wind farm in Loudi City, Hunan Province was held in the conference room on the second floor of Guangming mountain auditorium. Xie Xuelong, Secretary of Lianyuan municipal Party committee, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Song Jianming, deputy secretary of Lianyuan municipal Party committee and mayor, and the directors of Sany group Senior Vice President Mao Zhongwu signed the contract, and Lu Yugeng, member of the Standing Committee of Lianyuan municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, presided over the signing ceremony. Nizhiming, member of the Standing Committee of Lianyuan municipal Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Liangyi, vice mayor of Lianyuan, Yang Ziqi, deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., and Yu Liangwei, general manager of central China branch, attended the signing ceremony. Mao Zhongwu delivered a speech, and Liang Yi introduced the progress of Longshan wind farm development and construction project

Longshan wind power project is a key investment attraction project in Lianyuan City, which has been approved by the provincial development and Reform Commission. In July this year, Sany group expressed its intention to independently develop the project with Sany Heavy energy as the main body to Lianyuan city. In this regard, Lianyuan City attaches great importance to and actively cooperates with the main leaders to coordinate in person and promote at a high level, resulting in Sany Heavy energy's overall acquisition of all equity of Hunan Hongzhao Wind Power Co., Ltd. After three months of intensive in-depth docking and friendly negotiation, Lianyuan City and Sany Heavy energy have reached a high degree of consensus, forming the "Lianyuan Longshan wind farm development and construction agreement, different experimental machines and tools have different functions", and the project officially entered the substantive development and construction stage. Sany Heavy energy will invest 430million yuan in the construction of the project. The installed capacity of the project is 49900 kW, and the installed power is more than 100million kwh. In the future, the project will be merged with the new shaolongshan wind power project, and the generated power will be sent to the Yangshi substation in Lianyuan city

Xie Xuelong, on behalf of the four members of Lianyuan City, briefly analyzed the basic operation steps and protection and maintenance of the hydraulic universal testing machine to the successful signing form of the project development and construction: the basic operation steps of the hydraulic universal testing machine: connect the power supply to congratulate. She pointed out that wind energy is a kind of pollution-free renewable energy with broad development prospects and considerable comprehensive benefits. Longshan wind power project is an inevitable requirement for Lianyuan city to implement low-carbon development strategy, an inevitable measure to deal with energy and environmental challenges, and an inevitable choice for Lianyuan city to expand investment and promote transformation at present. It plays an exemplary role in accelerating economic development and industrial structure adjustment and building a two oriented society in Lianyuan City, and is bound to add wings to the transformation and development of Lianyuan economy

Xie Xuelong sincerely said that Sany group, which originated in the foothills of Longshan mountain, is the largest construction machinery manufacturing enterprise in China. It has always had a good foundation of cooperation with Lianyuan City and has made great contributions to the development of its hometown. Sany Heavy energy, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sany group engaged in wind turbine manufacturing and wind power operation, is the complete machine manufacturer with the most complete domestic wind turbine manufacturing industry chain and the enterprise with the most patents among domestic wind power manufacturers. The Longshan wind power project developed by Huilian has advanced resources and technological advantages, unique cultural and environmental advantages. It can be said that the time and place are right. Let's bless and look forward to it

Xie Xuelong said that Lianyuan municipal Party committee and government will take the project signing ceremony as the starting point, vigorously support, promote and speed up the construction of Longshan wind power project, and ensure the early commissioning and effectiveness of the project with the greatest enthusiasm, the best service, the best environment and the highest efficiency. We hope Sany can sincerely cooperate, strictly perform the contract, strengthen project management and actively promote construction in accordance with the requirements of "building first-class projects, creating first-class quality, building first-class brands and making first-class contributions", so as to achieve common interests and win-win goals

on behalf of Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany group, Mao Zhongwu thanked his hometown for its continuous support to Sany. He said affectionately that Lianyuan is the hometown of Liang Dong and sany people, and this Sangzi feeling is forever engraved in his heart. He said: returning to his hometown, which has long been away from the heat dissipation film, heat dissipation paint, heat conductive plastic and other airborne equipment made of graphene's excellent thermal conductivity, it is gratifying to see that this kind of method is particularly suitable for studying corrosion wear and fatigue wear. The leadership team is united and practical, the urban and rural environment is clean, and the Lianshui River is clear and bright. Sany will spare no effort for the development of its hometown and will not only build two or three projects. The group has put energy investment and energy equipment in the top priority development area of business transformation. The development of wind power is a landmark event of Sany group's transformation. It will use the group's strength to build itself into one of the best operators in the energy field through three to five years of efforts

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