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Smart home platform system is up to digital and wireless

smart home is a family house that adopts advanced computer, communication and control technology (3C) to establish a family integrated service and management integration system composed of family safety protection system, network service system and family automation system, so as to realize comprehensive safety protection, convenient communication network and comfortable living environment

smart home is a multi-functional technical system, which includes visual intercom, home internal security, home generic cabling system, lighting control, home appliance control, remote video monitoring, sound monitoring, home audio-visual system, etc. There are many contents of home intelligence. At present, domestic products include bus system, power line carrier, wireless and other methods. In terms of network connection, it is basically realized by bus system, connection or Ethernet in the process of transportation

home smart terminal

compared with ordinary home, smart home not only has the traditional living function, providing comfortable, safe, high-grade and pleasant living space, but also has changed from the original passive static structure to a tool with dynamic intelligence, which helps families maintain a smooth flow of information exchange with the outside, optimizes people's lifestyle, and even saves money for various energy expenditures. Its basic goal is to connect all kinds of information related communications in the home, when the interval between the two chucks changes, the equipment, household appliances and home security devices, through wired or wireless means, to a home intelligent system for centralized or remote monitoring, control and family transactional management, so as to maintain the harmony and coordination between these home facilities and the residential environment

as the core of the intelligent system of the community, the smart home platform system realizes the function of home intelligence through its core device - home intelligent terminal. Home intelligent terminal is the heart of smart home. It realizes the functions of system information collection, information input, information output, centralized control, remote control, linkage control and so on. Its functions generally include home security, visual intercom, remote meter reading, home appliance control, home information services, value-added services, etc

technical characteristics of smart home platform system

smart home network continues to improve with the realization of integration technology, communication technology, interoperability and cabling standards. It involves the operation and management of all intelligent appliances, equipment and systems in the home network, as well as the application of integrated technology. Its technical characteristics are as follows:

· establish a home intelligent platform system through home customs - home intelligent terminal and its system software. Home gateway is the core part of smart home local area network, which mainly completes the conversion and information sharing between various communication protocols in the home internal network, as well as the data exchange function with the external communication network. At the same time, it is also responsible for the management and control of home intelligent devices

with computer technology, microelectronics technology, communication technology, home intelligent terminal (home off) integrates all functions of home intelligence, so that smart home is built on a unified platform. First, realize the data interaction between the internal network and the external network of the family; Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the instructions transmitted through the network can be recognized as legal instructions, rather than the illegal intrusion of "hackers". Therefore, home intelligent terminal is not only the transportation hub of home information, but also the protector of information-based family

· realize the interconnection with home appliances through external expansion modules, so that you can know whether there is a problem with the sensor. In order to realize the centralized control and remote control functions of household appliances, the home smart switch controls household appliances or lighting devices by means of wired or wireless means, according to specific communication protocols, with the help of external expansion modules

· application of embedded system. In the past, the vast majority of home intelligent interruption was controlled by single chip microcomputer. With the increase of new functions and the improvement of performance, the embedded operating system with network function and the control software program of single chip microcomputer with greatly enhanced processing capacity are adjusted accordingly, so that they can be organically combined into a complete embedded system

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