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The smart lock industry shuffles to speed up the channel or win the "main battlefield" in 2019.

as the saying goes, those who win the channel win the world. For enterprises, channels are bridges to communicate with consumers. With the increasing number of participants in the smart lock industry, the fierce competition and the accelerated reshuffle of the industry, how to seize the market and improve market share has become one of the most important tasks for smart lock enterprises

therefore, the dispute over channels is bound to become a problem that major intelligent lock enterprises must face. At present, whether it is the competition for channels in traditional home stores, the opening and entry of e-commerce mode on the Internet, or the expansion of channels such as supermarkets, 3C, home appliances, etc., have become a must for smart lock enterprises

the dispute over channels has risen to the strategic level

at present, the uncertain factors in the smart lock market are gradually increasing, which makes most enterprises face competitive pressure from all aspects. First of all, in terms of products, the homogenization of functions, the plagiarism of appearance and the confusion of prices have made many enterprises unable to seek breakthroughs in products, so the expansion of channels has become the only hope of many enterprises

secondly, different channels have been occupied by pioneers. From the perspective of online channels, deshman, Luke, kaidishi, Micah, Asia Pacific Tianneng, Samsung, Xiaoyi, gaideman, Zhijia, Philips, Yale, Guojia, advantages, etc. have occupied a leading position; From the perspective of offline channels, dealers and agents pay more attention to top brands, as well as small and medium-sized brands that have certain characteristics in product functions, appearance and other aspects, and follow the high-quality route. Therefore, for those enterprises whose brands have no popularity and products have no characteristics, or small enterprises that only rely on imitation and copying, it is very difficult to attract investment and channel construction; In the real estate engineering channel, enterprises such as deshmann, Hebes, Yale, Cadiz, Samsung, Digil, and anlangjie have become the preferred brands of the top 500 real estate developers, and it is difficult for latecomers or some small brands to compete with the first mover in this field

in addition, there are door distribution channels. This channel is divided into two types. One is the embedded smart lock required for high-end entry doors. This type of smart lock has a certain profit margin, but customization is very high. At present, domestic enterprises entering this business have gradually increased; The other is the common smart lock for the common anti-theft door. The demand for this part is also divided into high-end and low-end. The manufacturers of medium and high-end anti-theft doors will naturally choose to split the brand of medium and high-end smart lock 180 degrees, while the smart lock required for the low-end anti-theft door has been pressed to less than 300 in price, so the profit is very low and can only be made by volume

to sum up, serious product homogenization and frequent industrial chaos such as price scuffle have made the channel a battle ground for the life and death of intelligent lock enterprises, and even rose to the strategic level of enterprises, but channel competition is not easy

the channel competition war has begun.

after entering 2019, the channel competition war in the smart lock industry has become significantly fierce. Advantage technology has held a number of investment promotion conferences in South China and North China respectively. With Liu Jiangfeng as a "gold lettered signboard", it is said to have achieved good results; Deshmann also held its first investment promotion conference in Changsha after the new year. According to the report, deshmann will also hold investment promotion conferences in Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an and other important cities, and the intensity of investment promotion and support is unprecedented

smart locks of many brands, such as Luke, Internet, dinggu, kaidishi, Samsung, gold finger code, Asia Pacific Tianneng, VOC, have also gradually appeared in major home appliance stores across the country, and even many dealers have regarded smart locks as a new consumer electronic product; In recent years, the channels of telecom operators have also become a new position for major brands, and some enterprises have even launched the slogan of "buying smart locks and sending broadband for two years" or "installing broadband and sending smart locks"

some insiders believe that although Cadiz will not expand channels on a large scale as in previous years, it may follow the new model of Gree employee distribution. If this model can work in the smart lock industry, it will be an important channel for many smart lock enterprises. Manya, Bosch, Philips, pinduo, highland barley, Dingji, Westinghouse, anjubong, degu, etc. it can be said that as long as the smart lock brands that can be named are increasing investment attraction

in addition, home decoration companies and designers have also become the channels for smart locks. At present, many home decoration companies have packed the smart lock into the decoration scheme and presented it to users as an add-on, so good products are bound to be set to regularly check whether the wiring of the rear panel is loose for designers to adopt. Therefore, in 2019, for many smart lock enterprises, channel competition is an inevitable war

what is the dispute over channels

the dispute over channels is ultimately a dispute between the market and users. But at present, e-commerce has basically taken shape, and door distribution and real estate engineering channels have basically their own designated brands. Therefore, only offline channels are the most promising for most smart lock brands

but now offline dealers are also very picky. First of all, it depends on whether the brand is well-known, whether there is a spokesperson, and whether there is advertising on CCTV. In a word, whether the enterprise wants to do a good job of the brand. This requires intelligent lock enterprises to make more efforts in promotion and provide brand awareness and influence; Secondly, it also depends on the product quality, function and appearance? This requires enterprises to pay attention to the product. 3. Machining research and development, innovation before heat treatment, and strict requirements for quality, especially the appearance differentiation. Three kinds of pendulum lifting angles, large, medium and small, are selected respectively; In addition, it also depends on what threshold enterprises set for dealers and what supporting policies they give dealers

to sum up, the final battle for channels in the smart lock industry is the market and users. Dealers and agents are the most indispensable and important links, affecting the success or failure of smart lock enterprises

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