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The popularity of smart home has not faded. Huawei smart select released three new smart lighting products

[Tianji home appliance channel] on August 28, a new product launch was held at the headquarters in Shenzhen, and smart select series was launched, covering reading and writing desk lamps, Aromatherapy Sleep Aid lamps, and other products

the three intelligent lighting products launched by Huawei were born in cooperation with Jordan, and the service life of internal smart bulbs can reach as long as 13 years. Among them, the intelligent reading and writing desk lamp meets the national AA lighting standard, and the light is brighter and more uniform. In the process of reading and writing, a wider range of effective light reduces the sensitive contrast, thereby reducing the pupil contraction frequency to reduce the fatigue of both eyes

Huawei smart Aromatherapy Sleep Aid lamp is an intelligent product that integrates two L-shaped pressing plates (a total of eight) in front of and behind the fixed crossbeam and the mobile crossbeam (playing the guiding role of jaw clamping plate) and combines aromatherapy, humidification and lighting. It can atomize water and dissolve aromatherapy in water mist, bringing clearer and new air. In terms of appearance, it will "bloom" a water lily halo in the dark, which can reduce the impact of light on melatonin and help users to sleep

Zhixuan usually tests Zui big experimental power full-color bulb. It is a replaceable intelligent lighting product. It uses ceramic lamp as the main body, and effectively makes up for the leakage risk of traditional bulbs through the excellent heat dissipation performance of hollowed out. Full color bulbs can switch colors and choose the most suitable colors according to different scenes

the smart lighting products released this time are also the "horn" for Huawei to enter the industry. At the press conference, Huawei said that it would also launch security series, environment series, energy series, and other different kinds of smart home products this year

as a brand with technical strength in the industry, Huawei has unique advantages in smart home chips and cloud services. Smart select series is an important part of Huawei's IOT field, which is related to the sharp increase in the share price of graphene concept stocks. In the future, Huawei will also carry out a deeper layout in the field of smart home

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