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Smart home information and control scheme

smart home system will bring users an efficient, safe and convenient living environment. Smart home system is closely related to all aspects of family life. A smart home system should manage the home security system, home appliance control system, communication system, network application system and other application systems in a unified way to realize interconnection. The system can automatically deal with various events, create a convenient life mode that meets people's requirements, sort out accessories and other tools, and make people free from household chores and enjoy a truly high-quality life. Due to the progress of the times, people's understanding of intelligent systems has gone far beyond the traditional simple applications such as security, monitoring and remote meter reading. A modern smart home should integrate audio/video, computing and processing functions, external communication functions, automatic monitoring, remote control, voice control/remote control, security and other functions. How can the smart home system integrate various independent and advanced automatic electronic devices into people's daily home environment to make noise? Of course, we must adopt a unified home network system, but what network can be used to connect these control devices, complex household appliances, advanced computers, multimedia/game consoles and other devices, and what system can be used to manage and deal with these complex applications

in the past, we can choose RS232, RS485, CANbus as the physical network to connect, and then use the software developed by the integrator and the equipment installed by the integrator. In the future, we can choose LonWork network, standard electrical equipment recognized by lonmark Association and software developed by integrators. Maybe every integrator is facing these products, but they are full of worries, and finally did not dare to adopt them. Now integrators can choose CIPS network without worry, a network control system based on IP protocol, which can directly process interconnected information

as shown in the figure: attached drawing (I)

the home wiring adopts the bus system, and the indoor use of two classes of rvv4*1.0 unshielded twisted pair. Through the high-performance home server (iBook), the first line is connected to the access control, various instruments/detectors, home appliances and other electrical equipment to achieve remote control and intelligent control. At the same time, users do not need to change the wiring when adding equipment

1) advanced and mature communication foundation ---- adopt the IP protocol on the Internet, a completely open network foundation, and there is no need to worry about upgrading, maintenance, monopoly of product providers or other behaviors. All devices can be connected to broadband through home gateway, so as to meet the remote monitoring of devices by various applications and the reading of network information by devices

2) concise and effective network wiring --- one line structure, all devices share a bus, and additional devices do not need to be rewired. At present, most subsystems of smart home use separate wiring, and there are many kinds of signal lines. The large rotary encoder has one reference per revolution, and the utilization rate of most lines is very low, such as: visual doorbell, line, three meter copy line, closed-circuit television and network data are all wired separately We have integrated several subsystems and established a network platform that can run all devices. Other devices only need to be connected to the bus to realize device access

3) efficient system ---- no need to be complicated, including outdoor railings, doors and windows, heat insulation system, flower sheds, park benches, ceilings and solar screens of tower buildings, which are all made of wood plastic composite materials, and can be developed by using existing information services on the Internet

4) low network cost --- wiring, processing, information service. At present, the electronic devices of smart home are controlled remotely through the star connection mode of home intelligent controller There are obviously more wires to be laid than the bus mode. Due to the limitation of the number of home intelligent control equipment interfaces, it is not easy to expand the home. With the bus system, users can increase equipment by simply hanging the equipment data line to the signal line, and then turning off the simple setting at home. Therefore, it is very easy to construct, and the installation is quite simple, which greatly reduces the cost

each network control module is only tens of yuan (RMB), 25mm*25mm, which is equivalent to a dollar coin! The network control module directly supports the network IP application program, and can operate the device using the existing network application program without development. The smart home system can also be constructed by using various current management application systems such as MSSQL, IIS, etc

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