The hottest smart home market is becoming mature,

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The smart home market is becoming mature, and the demand for products shows a trend of differentiation

China Security Exhibition] Nowadays, under the industry background of favorable policies, key technological progress and continuous improvement of the industrial system, smart home fit, consumption upgrading and other cutting-edge concepts, whether in the consumer market or China Building Materials: in recent years, they have received high attention in the capital field, and many home product manufacturers are facing rare development opportunities, Actively take a variety of measures to speed up the research and development of new smart home products, which makes the upgrading speed of the whole smart home products continue to accelerate, and many smart home products with both innovation and a sense of science and technology have appeared in the market

in recent years, with the change of people's consumption concept and the gradual deepening of their understanding of smart home products, the sales market of smart home products has gradually opened, and the scale of the whole smart home market has continued to expand. According to the statistical data of the smart home equipment industry market outlook and investment strategy planning report released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, as of 2017, the scale of China's smart home market has exceeded 300billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of more than 24%. It is estimated that by the end of 2018, the market scale of smart home in China will reach 130billion yuan

with the continuous expansion of the smart home market and the increasingly popular sales of smart home products, people's demand for customization, personalization and intelligence of smart home products has gradually emerged. Generally speaking, smart home products are composed of entertainment system products, security system products, control system products, lighting system products, kitchen and bathroom appliance system products, and different user groups also have different needs for these products

on the whole, younger consumers spend more money on entertainment products and products, while consumers who pay attention to the practical functions of products also invest more money in intelligent security, intelligent kitchen and bathroom appliances and other products. The emergence of corresponding needs of consumers has prompted smart home product manufacturers to develop and manufacture high-quality smart home products according to the actual needs of consumers

as far as video entertainment products are concerned, smart TVs and digital media adapters are being welcomed by many consumers. At present, Google's chromecast, Apple TV, fire TV and other intelligent entertainment devices have become the first choice of some trend consumers

in addition, home monitoring devices, smart door locks, IP cameras, connected lighting, temperature controllers and other smart home products all have their own user groups, and these products are also an essential part of the smart home product category. By using monitoring and security smart home products, users can control the corresponding smart home products in real time and monitor the environment around the house, so as to effectively improve the security of the home environment

according to the analysis of insiders, with the development of Internet technology and the maturing of AI cutting-edge technology, smart home products will have more intelligent and scientific elements, and the way to control smart home products will become simpler, efficient and safe in the initial stage of the development process. One click control of smart home appliances will also become a reality

for example, voice control. As an important way for human beings to control home products, voice control can be used as a cleaning agent, which makes the user's control of smart home products faster and simpler. With the help of voice control, users can efficiently control smart TVs, air conditioners, washing machines and other household appliances, which makes users' product experience get a new improvement

at present, the whole smart home industry in China is still in the early stage of development. The whole industrial chain system of the whole smart home industry from product research and development, manufacturing to transportation and sales has not been fully mature, and the industry norms have not been fully established. The functions of smart home products need to be further improved

looking forward to the future, with the continuous progress of sensors, chips, voice interaction, face recognition and other technologies, the types of smart home products in China will be more complete, and the functions of smart home products will be more perfect. In order to increase the value and sales of products, more and more Internet and hardware giants, even with more materials, will choose to work together to meet the actual needs of different consumer groups for smart home products. At that time, consumers will also use more diverse smart home products

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