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Not long ago, the public welfare activity of "door lock safety detection" held by Guangdong TV channel evening peak, after a period of collection and observation, the program team found that with the popularity of smart locks, how to choose safe, reliable and convenient smart locks has also become a hot topic. Therefore, a recent security monitoring activity on smart locks has also attracted great attention

smart lock is a smart product born under the smart home boom and closely related to the majority of consumers. With smart lock installed, users can easily enter the door with fingerprints, passwords or face brushing without having to bring keys every day. And this kind of scene previously seen in science fiction movies has really entered our life

how about the security performance of smart locks in the market now

this time, the lock delivery team found Mr. Pan, the lucky spectator, to have a look at the test results of the smart lock he installed

it is understood that the smart lock in Mr. Pan's office has been installed and used for many years. The main reason for choosing the smart lock is its convenience and security. If you use a mechanical lock, you need to be equipped with many keys. Now that you change the smart lock, you can unlock it by entering your fingerprint or password, and you can also find out who opened the door, which is very convenient. However, recently, Mr. Pan's common models of ring stiffness testing machine. Without considering the experimental space, experimental speed, experimental force value and other factors, the common models mainly include digital display and microcomputer controlled models. He saw a network video on it, which surprised him because China's extruder products are closely connected with strategic new industries. Someone could easily open the smart lock with a special piece of iron, So this time I want to see the security performance of my smart lock through "evening peak"

lock expert Master said that the widely circulated method of opening the smart lock in seconds can indeed instantly break through the smart lock with part of the core structure designed in the front panel. The principle is very simple. This piece of iron actually cracked the mechanical part of the smart lock to open the smart lock

after preliminary testing by experts, Mr. Pan's smart lock also belongs to the smart lock in front of the circuit board. Although the manufacturer has improved and upgraded, the method used cannot be easily opened, but you can also use other methods to gently see whether they can sensitively stop and control the opening

Mr. Pan was surprised to see that the smart lock was easily cracked and opened, and his mood was also very bad, because the cost of buying the smart lock was naturally more expensive than the ordinary mechanical lock. A smart lock bought with so much money was easily opened, and now he was very worried about the property safety of the office

what should we pay attention to when choosing and using smart locks

BDA warm tip: smart locks should not only aim at "convenience" and ignore anti-theft performance

when selecting the small displacement of the smart lock, which is often detected by strain type, inductance type, differential transformer type, eddy current type and Hall sensor, you can pay attention to the following two points:

first, select the circuit board rear or the circuit board separation design to prevent thieves from opening the front panel, prevent thieves from opening the front panel, and open the smart lock through technical means

then, we should also pay attention to cat's eye theft, film theft, wire theft and other theft methods. For similar theft practices, some of BDA's products have patented safety button designs (patent numbers: zl.8, zl.3). Without pressing the button, the door lock cannot be opened, truly preventing thieves from "patronizing". Of course, we can also reinforce the cat's eye, double protection

"there is no trivial matter in security. Change the safety lock for your home". With the continuous development of the lock industry, smart locks are also gradually popularized and have entered thousands of households. Bidajun hopes that consumers can understand some problems that need to be paid attention to when purchasing and using smart locks through the above tips, and have a deeper understanding of home theft prevention

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