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The first TCO conductive glass production line with an annual output of 460000 square meters for solar thin film cells of CSG group has been officially mass produced in the first quarter of 2010, which makes CSG group the first enterprise in China to have the capacity of mass production of TCO conductive glass for thin film photovoltaic cells, and successfully breaks the long-term monopoly of a few Japanese and American manufacturers in this field. The latest product of TCO conductive glass produced by this production line was also unveiled for the first time at the fourth SNEC International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition held in Shanghai recently, which caused a warm response from the solar photovoltaic industry

tco glass is one of the key raw materials for manufacturing solar thin-film cells. It is estimated that the global demand will reach about 25million square meters in 2010, with an increasing trend year by year. The largest size of TCO conductive glass produced by CSG using the advanced CVD (chemical vapor deposition) process is 1100mm*1400mm, which is the mainstream in the market. It has also reached the international advanced level in several key performance indicators, such as light transmittance, block resistance, haze, etc

CSG is actively carrying out the expansion project of TCO conductive glass, and it is expected that the total production scale will be expanded to more than 1.2 million square meters/year in 2011. CSG group will also closely combine the development trend of solar thin film cell technology, continuously develop and launch new product series with differentiated characteristics, and strive to become the TC for solar thin film cells with insufficient stamina and influence in the development of the most competitive industry in the world. Do you know the characteristics of concrete pressure testing machine? O is one of the conductive glass manufacturers

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