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TDR: behind LG's "chaos". 1. Jinan experimental machine factory 3. Promise: success gene

Kim Shuangxiu is known as "the father of Korean digital innovation", and is the head coach of LG's global business transformation. His own management style is known as "tough"

Jin Shuangxiu, who has worked hard at LG Electronics for 37 years, is regarded as the "Godfather" of LG Electronics' home appliance industry. He led LG Electronics through the difficult period of the recent economic crisis and workers' strike in South Korea, and put forward a series of innovative measures. At the same time, he was the first leader of LG Electronics to advocate the networking of home appliances, and brought LG Electronics into the era of digital home appliances

when he took up the post of the new president of LG Electronics in 2003, some people said that the reason was that when McEuen was in charge of building a complex stretchable and foldable graphene structure, LG digital elongation could reach hundreds or even thousands of percent, he was committed to implementing management reform and achieved remarkable results. In 1995, Jin Shuangxiu first put forward an innovative solution to cost control, introducing the so-called "three times three" strategy to increase productivity by three times in three years; The next year, he began to devote himself to the implementation of Six Sigma management theory and knowledge management concept throughout the company

in the face of low-cost competition from Chinese household appliance manufacturers, Jin Shuangxiu never set a single digit growth target. Therefore, LG Electronics is also known as "chaos". As for what people call "chaos", Jin Shuangxiu's interpretation is: "companies that seem chaotic are enterprises with good benefits, because all headache problems float on the surface, and quiet companies will only collapse."

it is said that the "chaos" of LG Electronics comes from the operation of the TDR task force. TDR is Jin Shuangxiu's secret weapon and a special task force set up to reduce costs and improve productivity

Jin Shuangxiu requires that as long as there are problems to be solved, whether it is technology research and development, marketing or quality improvement, Jin Shuangxiu and senior executives will immediately select relevant personnel from various departments to form a TDR team; This group is "locked up" in work together every day until they come up with a solution. The group task usually lasts for 3-6 months. After the relevant personnel participated in the TDR team, the original work was replaced by the "colleague next door", with one person as two. Therefore, the TDR team is not only painful for those who participate, but also harder for colleagues who do not participate. In all TDR teams, we should ensure that 30% of the company's manpower is to solve important problems that affect the company's future operations, and retain 70% of the manpower to solve routine problems at present

in order to encourage employees to join the TDR team, Jin Shuangxiu gives special rewards for salary increase or overseas travel to the top 30% TDR team members with excellent performance. At present, LG Electronics has established more than 1500 TDR teams worldwide, with an average of 30% of white-collar workers participating in TDR teams. Later, Jin Shuangxiu even shouted that 40% of the white-collar workers in the company should join the TDR team. (end)

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