Submarine cable, the next battlefield of Huawei's

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Huawei's next battle field in the United States - submarine cable

original Huawei's next battle field in the United States - submarine cable

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the first batch of new energy vehicle BIW delivery of the former aluminum Institute of China Title: Huawei's next battle field in the United States - submarine cable

at present, the United States is continuously calling on all countries around the world to resist the entry and use of Huawei 5g, which has triggered a war on global network security, At the critical juncture of the network security campaign, it suddenly emerged that the United States had targeted Huawei's undersea cable as an important battlefield

at present, there are 420 submarine cable systems and 1106 submarine cable landing stations in the world, which undertake the transportation of more than 95% of the intercontinental voice and data messages in the world, which is extremely important to national security and economic development. Huawei Ocean Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huawei ocean) is a joint venture company jointly established by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and global maritime Systems Co., Ltd., in which Huawei holds 51% of the shares. At present, "Huawei ocean" is the fourth largest submarine cable company in the world, and has arranged the laying and upgrading of more than 90 submarine cables around the world

in September 2018, Huawei ocean has just successfully completed the 6035 kilometer submarine cable project between Brazil and Cameroon. The cable workers in Mexico and the Gulf of California will also successfully complete the middle and low-end export to developed countries in the near future. At present, the company is building a 12000 kilometer submarine cable project across Europe, Asia and Africa. For this reason, the officials of the United States and its allies expressed unanimous concern about this, believing that the potential risk of these cables being monitored or attacked is gradually increasing, and the root cause of this is precisely because of Huawei's intervention. Submarine cables bear a lot of telecommunication data. If the submarine cables are suddenly attacked, the consequences will be quite serious, even comparable to the shelling of London docks or the paralysis of power plants in World War II

in this regard, the United States expressed great concern and hoped that other countries would suspend the ongoing submarine cable project involving Huawei ocean to specify the stress when the permanent residual plastic deformation is equal to 1 constant value (generally 0.2% of the original length) to avoid irreparable losses

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